Transaction Closing Date, notifications, and scheduling

Beginning on the transactions list page, click the address of the transaction you wish to set the closing date and notification. 

Click the Details tab to view the closing date.


1. To set the Closing Date, click the pencil and icon.   2.  To schedule a closing and send notifications to the team, click the “Schedule Closing” button. 


1. To set a closing date, click the calendar icon.  Then, select date from the date picker.  Then click the blue clock icon to set the time.  Select Hour, Minute, and AM/PM.  Click Save.

2. To schedule a closing and trigger notifications, click “Schedule Closing” .  1. Click the calendar icon to show the (2.) date and (3.) time picker.  To delete the date/time, click the blue “x” button.

Choose the Duration from the drop down menu.

Optional:  If you have added Office locations to your Company contacts in ShortTrack you can select a Location for the closing:

Optional:  Capture a note about the closing in Details.  By default when you save a closing, ShortTrack will email everyone on the Transaction Team notifying them of the closing you’ve scheduled.  If you prefer the notification not go out, turn off the “Notify Team” toggle.

If you are in an area that does spit closings, click the “Split Closing” toggle and complete the information for the “Buyer” side.  Click “Save” when done.


Once the closing is saved, you’ll notice a few things:
1. On the Details tab of a transaction, the Closing dates section will unlock and you can enter additional Title details if applicable.
2. The Closing date will appear in a blue-green color on the Calendar.  On the calendar, you can click the closing to edit its details or drag it to change the day it falls on.
3. If you select Notify Team when you save the closing, contacts on the Transaction Team will receive an email notifying them that the closing has been scheduled. 

A view of the closing on the Calendar:

Click the calendar entry to view the closing details and/or edit.  Use the blue pencil icons to make changes.

Lastly, this is what the closing notification will look like to the team members:

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