Teams: Adding and Removing Contacts

Use the Teams tab to create and edit teams for your transactions.  Remember, contacts added to a transaction team can see the transaction summary bar and details view. All documents, notes, messages, and tasks are private until shared.

Open a transaction and navigate to the Teams tab.  The default team is the Transaction team.  We have renamed it the Sell Side Team in this image.

Click +New Team to create additional teams.  Once you create a team click the pencil to rename a team. Save.

Click Add Member to add a contact to the team.  Save.  When a contact is added to any team, they are also added to the People list of participants. 

Click Remove Member to remove a contact from a team. (The contact will remain on the People list however you can remove them from the transaction entirely on the People tab.)

Once a contact is added to a team, you can assign their transaction role.  Click on the contact name to assign a role or control which team the contact is on. 


The side and role update for the transaction owner, who is automatically on every team. 

To change a contact’s team affiliation in the Teams tab, click the contact’s name to open the pane.  The Teams section of the pane shows what team(s) the contact is on.  Use the toggle button to change team membership.

Confirm removal from team in the window. 

The Team section of the pane as well as the page behind the pane reflect the contact’s new status.  

While the pane is open, we can add the contact to the Sell Side Team. 

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