Task List View – using the filters, search, and sort

By default, all tasks are displayed

  1. To search, type anything in the search box
  2. To sort, click the arrows in the header row
  3. To Filter, click “Filter by”

task list view

How to use task filters

  1. After clicking “Filter by”, select any of the filters listed.
  2. In this example, click “Task Status” and the “Status” menu will appear
  3. Select your desired filter from the menu
  4. Click “Apply filters” to set your filter

Task list filters2

 You can add as many filters as you want.  Let’s select one more.

  1. Again, click “Filter by” and select “Mine/Not Mine”  


2. Select “Not Mine” to show all tasks not assigned to you

3. “Click Apply Filters” 


 The task list will show all completed tasks from everyone else (in this case, only Cookie Monster has completed tasks).

  1. To Clear all filters (reset to default), click “Clear filters”
  2. To drop one of your filters, but leave the other, click the “x” to the left of the filter

remove task filters



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