Sync a ShortTrack Transaction with BrokerSumo

*Click here for instructions on how to connect your ShortTrack account with BrokerSumo.

Syncing a transaction you are managing in ShortTrack with BrokerSumo is simple.  Watch the video or see step by step directions below.

Open a transaction by clicking the address.

Navigate to the Details tab and scroll down to the Commissions area.  (Click Additional Fields to expand the page.)

Click the BrokerSumo button next to the Commissions area heading to open the sync form. 

Complete the fields; selecting the agent*, commission for each side as applicable, closing date, if known (use YYYY-MM-DD date format) and sale price.  Then click the Submit button.

(*The agents you have previously added to your BrokerSumo account when you set it up will be in the drop down.)

That’s it!  Your transaction is now synced in your BrokerSumo account.  Log into BrokerSumo to manage back office tasks for it.

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