Sharing Messages

When you need to give access to view or update a Message to someone besides the recipient, you can Share a Message with an entire Team or individuals (that can be individuals that are parties to the transaction -or- individuals that are not parties to the transaction). 

Choose a message from the Main Messages page or inside a transaction, click the Messages tab.  

Click the message title to open the Message Details view.  On the Sharing tab, click People to expand the form to share with individuals or click Teams to share with groups.  You can share with Teams related to the transaction the message is linked to.  


When you find the contact the message will be shared with, choose the permissions level they will have, “View Only” or “View and Edit.”  ShortTrack automatically saves and shares the message when you choose the permission level.  The recipient will be notified you’ve shared the message with them by email.  Uncheck the box if you don’t want the recipient to receive the notification.



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