Sharing Documents

A document can be shared from the main Documents view or from within a transaction.  In the image below we’re sharing from the main Documents view.  Click the name of a document to open the details pane.

Click the Sharing tab to share with individual People or with whole Teams. Click either People or Teams to open the sharing form.

Click People to open the form.

1) Begin typing the name of a contact in the field.  (If you need to share a document with someone that is not in your Contacts, use the orange + button to the right of the field to add a new contact to ShortTrack.  Then type their name in the field.)

2) ShortTrack will email the recipient notifying them the document has been shared with them.  Uncheck the box if you do not want the notification sent.

3) Select the permissions level of access the recipient will have:  “View Only” or “View and Edit.”

To share a document with a Team, click Teams to open that section of the form.  Select the permissions level for the team.  ShortTrack automatically saves your choice and shares the document.


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