Request a signature with Adobe Document Cloud w/eSign

1) From the ShortTrack Documents list view,  

Go to the document you would like to eSign and click the Sign icon in the Actions column on the right side of the page. 

2) From the window that drops, click the Adobe EchoSign logo  3) Search for your recipients from your contact list.  If they are not in your contact list, use the orange “+” to add them to your contacts first.  After they have been added, then search for their name.  

4) You can then type a subject and message if you would like for your recipients, although this is not required.  If you choose not to type  a subject or message, the default subject is “Please Sign {document name}”.  The default message is “A new signature was requested from you for this document.” 

Click “Next” and the document will build in the next screen for you to add your signature(s).

5) Add signatures and other fields using Adobe EchoSign: 

6) After clicking “Send”, you can set reminders and alerts by clicking “Create a reminder” and “Change alert settings” 

Reminders can be set to daily or weekly:   Alerts have the following options:  7) Click “Back to Documents” and you’ll be redirected to the “Signatures” tab of the “Documents” page, where your document will be listing with “Pending” tagged next to the signors name.  

8) After the document is signed, you will receive an email confirmation that the document has been signed and filed.

The signed document will be placed into your “Documents” tab labeled “Signed”, as well as the original unsigned document (no label).  

That’s it!  Enjoy!

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