Link DocuSign to ShortTrack and request signatures

From the ShortTrack Documents list view, Go to the document you would like to eSign and click the Sign icon in the Actions column on the right side of the page. 

From the window that drops, choose Docusign in the window that appears. 

Enter the email address and password you use to log in to your DocuSign account.  Once you click “Link to DocuSign” the page will reload and DocuSign is linked with ShortTrack. 

Once linked, you’ll arrive at the “Request Signatures for ____” page.  To continue requesting a signature, enter an Email Subject and Add Signers by searching for a name in the field.  To request a signature of someone not in your ShortTrack Contacts, click the orange “+” button (to the right) and complete the form in the window as shown.  After adding a contact, search for the name in the Add Signers field. 

Docusign add signers

Click “Set Signatures” when all signers have been added.  

Docusign set signatures

Place signatures on the document and Send. 

In the Signatures tab (shown on the right side in the image) the document will appear in the Pending bin until the signing party completes their signature. 

When the document is fully signed, you will receive an email notification from DocuSign with a link to review the document and it moves from the Pending to the Completed bin in ShortTrack. 



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