Document Details

In Document details, you can: 

  • add a description
  • link to a transaction
  • share
  • preview the document before downloading



View all your documents (those you’ve uploaded and those shared with you by others) by selecting Documents from the left side menu.

Click the document title to open Details in the pane.  In the Info tab of the pane, use the pencil icon to add/edit a description or link the document to a transaction.  Use the orange x in the upper left corner of the pane.  Save changes to the Info tab.

Once linked to a transaction, the property address displays on the Document list view.doc 8

(Once the document is linked, you can click the property address to open the transaction.  The document will be visible in the Transaction Documents tab.) 


Share the document with individuals or teams in the Sharing tab.  (The document must be linked to a transaction to share with teams.) 

Preview a jpeg file in the final tab. 



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