Create a Workflow

To create a workflow, begin by clicking the orange plus button in the top right corner of the page to open the Create New menu:

Select Workflow from the menu:


First, name your workflow and add a brief description to the appropriate fields. (You can’t add your first task until you name the workflow.)  Once you enter text in those fields the green +Add Task button is activated.  

Adding your first task.  The task form opens from the right side of the page when you click +Add Task.  You need a minimum of three elements to create a task: 1. Name and Description, 2. Assignment and 3. Due Date.  Click More Options to view the 4th element where you can also attach a document and set reminders.  Click Save to complete.

When you click More Options, the form expands.  Search for a document to attach, select a Group or Subgroup (to designate what phase of the transaction the task belongs to), or check the boxes to set a one-time due date reminder, a recurring reminder and/or an overdue reminder.  (ShortTrack sends an email reminder to the task assignee.)

Scroll down to the Save button.  (Click Less Options to return to the standard task form.)

When you save the task, the form closes.  Click +Add Task again to continue building your workflow.  You can edit task details by clicking the name in blue.  Delete the task entirely by opening the details and clicking the red trashcan icon in the upper right corner of the task details form.  You can change the order of the tasks by dragging and dropping them.

Here, we’ll change the order of the second and third tasks.











With these tasks reordered in our example our workflow is complete and we’re ready to create a transaction with it.  Add as many tasks as needed to complete your workflow. 







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