Create a Task

To create as task complete the form with the name and description.  Then choose who the task is assigned to and the due date.  You can also set a task reminder.

To begin click the orange plus in the upper right corner to open the create new menu and select Task:  new menuComplete the Task name and description.  Then move to the Assigned to section.  

When assigning a task, choose between assigning it to a Person (yourself or other contact) or to a transaction Role.  Use the radial buttons to select. If assigning the task to yourself, simply leave Person and Self selected.kb task form_assign to section

If assigning the task to a contact, Select Person>Other.  You then have the option to add a new contact using the orange plus button or search for an existing contact.  Let’s look at adding a new contact to ShortTrack and assigning the task to that individual first.

When you select Person (1.) then Other (2.), a field appears for you to choose a contact (3.a.).  Click the orange plus to the right of the field (3.b.) to add a new contact.   

The Add Contact form will open.  Click Save when you complete the form.  You’ll return to the Task form and the contact you just added will populate in the space.











Now that Burt Urban has been added as a contact to ShortTrack, when we want to assign a task to him we simply start typing his name into the search field and click the gray tile to select him. 














Now let’s choose a due date for the Task.  You can choose a Fixed due date or a Relative (*task must be linked to a transaction first) due date by selecting the appropriate radial button.  Here is how to choose a Fixed due date: 

If you want to set a Relative due date instead, select the radial button for Relative and link the task to an existing transaction.  A field to search for a transaction address will appear.  To link the task to a transaction simply begin typing any part of the desired address.

Once the once the transaction is selected the fields to choose Relative due date parameters appears.  Use the drop down menus to select the transaction event, time direction On/After/Before, period of time and unit of time.   (Click More Options to set task reminders.)  Save your task.

You’ll receive a confirmation message after saving the task.  You can view the Task details or create another task by clicking the appropriate button.







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