Connect ShortTrack to BrokerSumo

ShortTrack has integrated with BrokerSumo to bring transaction management together with real estate back office management.

When your accounts are connected you can sync transactions in ShortTrack into BrokerSumo to manage agents, commission plans and disbursements and more.

Watch this video or read step by step directions below.

To connect your accounts and sync your first transaction, create a BrokerSumo account.  You will need to generate and copy an API in BrokerSumo to save in your ShortTrack profile.

Verify your email and log in to BrokerSumo.  Once you complete the account set up procedures you can copy the unique API key.

Click on Settings in the left side menu panel to open the sub-menu. 

Click on API Key in the menu to view the blue Generate API Key button. 

Copy the API key and return to your open ShortTrack account.

In ShortTrack, click on your name in the upper right corner to view the drop-down menu. 

Select Profile from the menu to view the Profile landing page. 

Click Integrations and paste the API key that you copied in BrokerSumo into the field.  Click Save. 

The page will re-render and you will see the Profile landing page again.  At that point, the key is saved and the accounts are connected.

Click here for the article syncing transactions from ShortTrack to BrokerSumo.




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