Change a Task Due Date

A task’s due date can be changed at any time.  It can be changed from a relative date to a fixed date or vice versa.  You can change the due date whether you’re viewing a task on the Main Tasks page, when viewing the Transaction Tasks tab or when viewing the Calendar. 

In this example, we’ll change a relative date and a fixed date on highlighted tasks.  To change a task due date, click the name of the task to open details in the pane. 

Beginning with the relative date task, we click the task name to open details.  On the info tab of the pane, click the pencil icon to open the due date section. 

Select the due date type: Relative or Fixed.  For a relative date, use the drop down menus to choose the transaction event, direction (after/before/on) and time period (days/hours…).  Enter the time period number in the field.

In this example, we’ve changed the due date from 2 days after the Buyer Signed Date to 10 days after the Buyer Signed Date.

Click Save to complete the change which prints in the Dates space. 

To change a fixed date deadline, click the pencil icon to open the Dates section of the Info tab.  Select Fixed as the date type.  Click the calendar icon to the right of the field to open the date picker. 

Select the date from the date picker.  If you need to change the time deadline for the task, select the date then click the clock icon beneath the date picker.  Choose the hour, minute and AM/PM period.  Click Save. 

A view of the Main Tasks page with the new due dates. 



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