Capture emails sent outside of ShortTrack using

No time to log in to ShortTrack to send a message?  Using lets you capture emails in ShortTrack that you send using any email client (gmail, yahoo mail, hotmail, ymail, etc.)

Simply create any email message as you normally would then include among the email addresses.  You can put in any field:To, CC or BCC.  It works the same regardless.

Once sent, the message will be captured in the ShortTrack account(s) of the recipients.

In our example, the email is drafted in gmail and addressed to several parties about an upcoming inspection.  Where this message would normally bypass ShortTrack, (because it isn’t created in the sender’s ShortTrack account), because we’ve also addressed it to, it will print in the main Messages section of the recipients’ ShortTrack account.

Using the bcc feature, we’re able to capture messages about a transaction that would otherwise be missed.


A copy of the message will also be captured in your account (the sender’s account) in the Contact Details of the recipient(s).



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