Adobe eSignature Set Up

To set up your Adobe EchoSign eSignatures, first make sure to sign up for ShortTrack’s Annual Pro Plus plan.  Click the Upgrade button in the upper right corner or click your name in the upper right corner, and select “Profile.” 

Then, click “Billing” to the right of your profile, and select “Upgrade” 

From the “Upgrade Account” window, select “Annual Pro Plus ($15/mo)” as your Billing Plan and complete the billing form. 

After your payment is made, you can now set up your Adobe EchoSign eSignatures account.

1)  If you do not have a document in your Document Section, make sure to upload a document.  Use the orange plus to upload a document from your computer or Dropbox.


2) Click “Go to Documents” once you have uploaded a file.  Then click the signature icon under the Actions column on the right side of the page.  

3) Click the Adobe EchoSign logo in the window that drops down.  

4) There are 3 steps to link ShortTrack to Adobe. This is a one-time activity.  Complete the Adobe profile request form  (Step 1) and click “Submit”.  

5)  You will see the following screen next.  But, first go to your email to activate your account.

 ***Make sure to not close this screen or click “Next” just yet.*** 


adobe set up signature

6)  Go to your email and open the email you just received from Adobe “Welcome to Adobe Document Cloud – please confirm your email address”.  

7)  Click the blue text “Activate your Account”.  You will be directed to the Adobe Document Cloud site.  


 Enter the same email as your ShortTrack account, and the same password you used in setting up your Adobe profile on ShortTrack.   Click “Sign In.”

After signing in, you can can close the Adobe window.  (You can send eSignatures from the Adobe site if you would like, but you never have to leave ShortTrack to do so moving forward).

7) Go back to ShortTrack (Step 2 – that you left open) and Click “Next.”  

adobe step 2 next

8) Click “Complete” on Step 3 to finish the process. 


You can now eSign documents with Adobe EchoSign in ShortTrack!










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