Add Contacts to Transaction-People

When you open a Transaction, People tab is the default.  You can add contacts to your people list so you know who is involved in the transaction and their roles.  “People” do not have access to the transaction, this list is only for you to see.  You can add People to Transaction Team(s) to give them controlled access to the transaction.  Once on the Transaction Team, team members can see who else is on the Team, but not who is on your People list.  Even after someone is added to the team, all documents, notes, tasks, and messages are private until shared with a contact.

To add contacts to the transaction People list, click “+Add Person” in the upper right corner of the page.

If adding a contact you’ve previously entered in ShortTrack, begin by enter a few letters in the search field.  ShortTrack will show matching contacts to select from.  You’ll also see whether a contact has already been added to the transaction.  Click on the name tile to select the contact.

*If adding a person that you haven’t entered as a contact, click the circular orange plus button to the right to add a new contact.  Once the new contact is saved, complete the search steps explained here.

With a contact selected, you have the option to assign the contact’s transaction side and role and/or add the contact to the default transaction team.  You can set those choices later if you prefer.  Click Save.

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