Add a Calendar Event

To add an event, begin by launching the Create New menu.  Click the orange plus in the upper right corner of the page:

Select Event from the menu:

Complete the Event form page with the Event Name, Description, Start and End Dates and Times.  Assign the Event to yourself or Other (selecting a name from your Contacts). 

Click the plus button to add a new Contact before assigning the event.

event form_add new contact

Once assigned, click the calendar icon to choose the Start and End dates and times for the event.

Link the Event to a Transaction by typing the address in “Link transaction.” Check the box next to “Send Reminder” to expand that section of the form.  Save the event when done.

Select Calendar from the navigation menu to view events and tasks.  Events display in blue; Tasks in orange.  Click the event to open Details to edit or share it.



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